Moderncat Giveaway!

Finally, after more than two years, Popdesign News is back!

Lots of things have happened since we stopped posting: Laura has become a full time teacher of graphic design , and she has been busy at work developing and expanding the range of her courses at FIDI and IED Firenze, which now include digital illustration and the history of visual communication. She’s also been working on her pet project, the blog Animalarium, where you can follow her passions and finds in the world of animal art and illustration. Meanwhile, Seba has published a new book in France, produced another which we hope will come out soon, and exhibited his works in various venues around the city, including the lovely bookstore-gallery-cafés volume, Cuculia and Brac. Our family is changing, too: our oldest daughter Michelle has moved to the city and sings in a band, Alice has her found first job at the local Apple Store, and Julia is finishing high school in a few weeks.  We have a new pet, Chapi, a young stray cat who was rescued last Summer by Julia. All good news, except the recent discovery that our beloved dog Emma suffers from a malignant cancer. As you can imagine, we’re worried and sad, but we also try to make our remaining time together as happy as possible.

Our last post was about our first giveaway on Moderncat, the popular blog of cat-related products and design, and now we’re back with our latest offering : a set of six colorful laminated waterproof placemats, perfect for human and feline dinners. May 25th is the deadilne to enter by posting a comment here.


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